VICTORIA ARDUINO Mythos MYG75/MYG85 MY75/MY85 Coffee Grinder



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In just four years, Mythos One has conquered the best baristas around the world and has become the ideal companion of any professional espresso machine. However, Victoria Arduino would not be itself if it were satisfied with the achieved results: Mythos One experience gave birth to Mythos 2, the coffee grinder with Clima Pro 2.0 technology.

The Mythos 2 comes in two variants :

  • Variable Speed
  • Gravimetric

Clima Pro 2.0

Baristas will be able to operate at even lower temperatures, expanding their range of choices. In addition to keeping the temperature of the grinding chamber constant, Mythos 2 can also lower it, to make you work ever more efficiently.

Variable speed

The patented system introduced in the new variable speed motor provides a triple benefit: it allows for a consistency of speed from the very beginning, ensures energy savings and lowers the grinding temperatures.

Greater productivity

For Mythos 2 we have been able to develop a grinding chamber with titanium grinders as wide as 85 mm, for increased service speed and therefore a higher hourly production.

Low noise

Mythos II is able to work without disturbing: no annoying and continuous noise during coffee grinding, for a more relaxing and livable environment for you and your customers.

Energy saving

The new Mythos 2 inverter equipped motor offers a remarkable energy savings, an important milestone for Nuova Simonelli, but also for those who, like you, have to manage a business and bear all its expenses.

Compact and ergonomic

The compact form of Mythos 2, just 20 cm, allows you to put more than one grinder in a series to create a coffee grinding unit. Its 2 kg bell is ergonomic and generous and the 2.8” touch screen with pre-set electronic functions speeds up and simplifies its use.

Larger and customizable

Mythos 2 is more performing, with a fully aluminum body and a dual fan on the back that can provide a faster cooling of the motor. Mythos 2 is also your chalkboard, the choice that shows who you are: you can draw on it and write the name of the coffee you are serving, or personalize it with the name of your shop or your chain.

Suitable for:
Champions Baristas, Professionals, Locales with high sales volumes, Coffee corners, Coffee shops, Hotels and restaurants

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