About Us

Buna Market is your one-stop-centre for all things coffee. We started with the biggest gathering of specialty coffee roasters in Malaysia, some are champs in their own rights. To complete the platform, coffee equipment and accessories retailers have also joined to promote diversity in brewing a great cup of coffee.


Specialty coffee roasters focus on fresh roasted coffee beans. You won’t find best before dates on the packaging like you do on most coffee beans found in the supermarket but rather you’d see roasted date. This ensures all the coffees you purchase are fresh and taste great. Single origin and blend (combination of 2 or more origins) are how specialty coffee roasters sell their coffees and you can find them in the form of wholebeans, ground coffee, capsule form, drip packs or even freeze-dried (you know those nescafe kinda coffee but specialty roasters made it taste a lot better!).


There’s countless ways to brew a great cup of coffee and sometimes it might be daunting to choose which is best. However, you can always start with a simple one such as drip pack or capsule and grow your way up to a more complicated one like an espresso machine or V60 hand drip. Enjoy browsing Buna Market and perhaps you’ll learn something.



We are on a mission to change the world, one coffee at a time. Coffee fanatics are screaming to try new coffee from different roasters and Buna Market will allow just that. We are committed in gathering the best coffee roasters with fair practises, awesome coffee and transparent supply chain. Let’s make Malaysia the coffee capital of south east Asia!