SYNESSO ES-1 Espresso Machine (COMING SOON)



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Multiple-years in development, the ES1 cracks the engineering code on extreme temperature precision for the home or mobile Barista using low voltage! This has been long-attempted by other products, but never fully achieved.  Essentially, this is Synesso MVP Hydra-level temperature-stability, extraction precision, and high-volume repeatability for the home or lite-commercial settings.

Using premium, pro-grade stainless steel brew and steam tanks, a specially-designed super heat-exchange coil, plus dynamic proportional valves to combine water paths and adjust heat precision 10-times per second using proprietary, patent-pending logic technology.  All together, this allows simultaneously coffee brewing and steaming with Synesso-level commercial temperature stability using residential 220v power. It’s newly invented, it’s unique, and we think you’ll love it!


  • 22″ X 17″ X 17.5″ (56cm X 43cm X 44cm)
  • 220volt, 10amp, single-phase, Country-specific plug
  • 80lbs (36kg) 
  • Internal commercial rotary vane pump
  • 3-liter water reservoir (polypropylene)
  • Boiler material: 304L Stainless Steel
  • Brew head material: lead-free brass
  • Tubing material: PFA Teflon & Copper
  • Various other components: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper
  • Launch colors: Black/White/Blue/Red




    About The Brand

    Synesso Espresso machines are different and the difference is a result of hand-built quality by Artisans in Seattle, Wa. The highest standard of quality control is achieved by building these machines one by one using steel frames, group tops, trays, and steam tanks. Invested in creating the perfect machines, Synesso artisans form, weld, and finish every machine locally in the PNW. Handcrafting espresso machines by people who love coffee even more than you do results in one exceptional espresso machine and that's what makes Synesso truly special.