ROK Espresso GC Naked Portafilter

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ROK first introduced a manual espresso machine in 2004 as the Presso but rereleased it as the ROK Press Manual Espresso Maker in 2012 with some improvements. It is committed to providing less complicated (think manual), simpler machines for producing high-quality cups of coffee. In 2019 the company launched a new version called, the ROK GC, which aims to make the device more durable.


Because it is still a relatively small company compared to bigger players, ROK’s customer service is very responsive. The company expects some regular maintenance of their machines, so it would make sense that replacement parts and instructions are readily available.



The ROK manual espresso maker is in line with the company’s overall mission and improves on several manual espresso makers already on the market. As with many other manual machines, you can expect a product that is close to espresso. Depending on the quality of your grinder, technique, and some experimentation, you can sometimes make a better espresso with a manual machine that with a traditional espresso maker.


The variability of a manual espresso maker is much greater than that of a traditional machine since human error is introduced into the equation.


The ROK espresso maker can produce anywhere from 5-10 bars of pressure, with 9 bars being necessary for proper espresso, so it will take some time for the user to get accustomed to the machine and experiment with other parameters that may affect their ultimate product.