ROK Espresso GC Pro / Classic

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The purpose of the ROK is to create a durable, attractive product that creates an authentic and delicious cup of espresso. It’s not a product for everyone – it’s intended almost exclusively for espresso connoisseurs who care for nuances in the taste of their drink. ROK caters their espresso machine to an audience who desires a more authentic experience over modern tools. In theory, the device is easy to use; depending on your familiarity with technology, it might even be easier for you to use than some of the more complicated automatic brewers.

However, while it’s easy to use, the ROK has a bit of a learning curve. Making the perfect cup of espresso will require time, effort, and plenty of testing. It’s only for those who are genuinely dedicated to the craft. As you’ve seen, this manual espresso maker uses twin arms on each side to pull your espresso shot. Competing espresso makers often use just one arm, but the dual-arm design that the ROK uses offers some stability advantages. Since you’re pressing down on both sides simultaneously, the unit is easier to hold in one place. The ROK Espresso GC’s body is made of aluminum instead of alternatives like stainless steel. Aluminum is durable and, more importantly, lightweight, in addition to being rust-proof. While it’s not likely that you’ll be able to dent or deform your ROK unless you go out of your way to do so, it’s worth noting that aluminum is easier to damage than steel.

Here are some reviews from International publishers:

Grind coffee by hand without the hassle with the ROK Coffee Grinder GC. This manual grinder is built with premium aluminium and features a long side-facing handle, engineering-grade Acetal gears, and 48mm steel conical burrs to grind coffee to a uniform size. Despite the lack of a motor to grind the coffee for you, this clever design requires less than half the revolutions and time that other manual grinders need. The lower revolution count, combined with the long handle and no-slip base, causes coffee grinding to be a quick, painless, and relatively quiet event for coffee lovers of all intensities. The ROK Coffee Grinder GC also includes a bamboo cup that can be used to measure whole coffee beans, catch ground coffee, and tamp the coffee bed of the ROK Espresso Maker.


Here are some reviews from International publishers: