RIVERS Micro Coffee Dripper 2

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Enjoy the luxury of having drip coffee anywhere you go.

The MICRO COFFEE DRIPPER (“MCD”) is an ultra-compact coffee dripper.

You can enjoy true coffee in a wide range of situations, from the everyday to the outdoors.

The filter has a funnel shape for stable brewing, and the mesh is made of stainless steel for long-term use.

The greatest feature of the MCD is the silicone holder, which folds up compactly to fit in cups and tumblers.

You can fit all the tools you need to make freshly brewed coffee within the cup itself.

The MCD can be used not only with Rivers products such as the DEMITA, BEARL SOLID, BEARL SLEEK

but also with typical sized regular coffee cups.

(The holder has a diameter of 8 cm, so we recommend cups with interior diameters of 7.5 cm or less)

The MCD was originally developed for outdoor use, but it is so easy to use that some of our customers tell us they use it every day.

This product is treasured by entry users and coffee pros alike.


– Material : Polypropylene (Filter) / Stainless Steel (Mesh) / Silicon Rubber (Holder)

– Capacity : Beans 16g

– Max Temperature : 200°C (Holder) /140°C (Filter)

– Min Temperature : -40°C (Holder, Filter)

– Size : W81mm × D81mm × H46mm

– Weight : 37g


(Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for: microwave)