RANCILIO Classe 9 USB Commercial Espresso Machine (PRE ORDER)



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This is your mid to top-range espresso machine. What sets this model apart is that it's built of super tough and durable materials. It’s made of aluminum and stainless steel so it's prepared to take a beating from flying pitchers. Built for volume this machine can support the busy barista who's making about 62 drinks an hour. Wowzers! A lovely time-saving feature we especially love about the Classe 9 is the programmable automated daily cleaning setting. And for those who love a comfortable workstation, it has ergonomic steam wands, LED work areas, and soft-touch keypad buttons. For efficiency, your barista and business can depend on the auto volumetric options for saving parameters for unique coffee settings plus two hot water buttons for two different temperatures and/or quantities of water delivery.

Speed, ergonomics, and luxury are what you want in a commercial espresso machine and that's what you’ll get with the Classe 9 USB Tall. The group clearance is designed so that shots can go right into a cup for faster service. Cup height is probably best for 8 to 16 oz., but will accommodate up to 20 oz. Great for flavored drinks like lattes and mochas. It has a retractable tray option for when you want to pull espresso shots with less splatter and a lower clearance for better temperature control. The Classe 9 USB Tall Espresso Machine is absolutely perfect for high-volume businesses that are making about 300-500 drinks a day.

  • Made of aluminum and stainless steel so it's tough and built to last with an automated daily cleaning program to help increase the life of your machine.

  • USB makes it easy to save drink parameters and make software and programming updates. LCD screen with shot timers for drink consistency. 

  • Retractable tray for traditional espresso cups with LED lights that illuminate the work area for the barista offering better ergonomics.

  • Scratch-proof polymer drain insert that can be removed and easily cleaned in the dishwasher plus an automated daily cleaning program to save time.

  • Built-in volumetric pump plus a boiler and pump pressure control gauge for accuracy and speed.