RANCILIO Classe 5S Tall Commercial Espresso Machine (PRE ORDER)



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This is your entry-level or smaller volume espresso machine with all the basic essentials at an accessible price point. Easy to learn, easy to use, and is built to grow with your business. Great for bakeries, libraries, small businesses, food trucks, large offices, and overall smaller coffee services. And for a business that experiences high barista turnover, we suggest this because it's easy to train on.

This is functional minimalism at its finest. The Rancilio Classe 5 S Tall is an extremely portable espresso machine that has both commercial and personal applications. It’s semi-automatic so the barista chooses when to start and stop shots. All water is drawn in from the built-in reservoir. This is the perfect espresso machine if you’re wanting to test out espresso service for your small business and great for food trucks because it can be easily removed from the truck and stored away from thieves. Great for performing single tasks in an environment with fewer distractions where the barista can switch between tasks.

  • Water is drawn from the built-in 2L reservoir so it's extremely portable. 

  • Semi-automatic brewing buttons so the barista chooses when to start and stop shots.

  • Scratch-proof polymer drain insert that can be removed and easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

  • Electrical heating with independent heat exchangers.

  • Built-in vibrating pump plus a boiler and pump pressure control gauge.