PUQPRESS M5 Auto Tamper (Mahlkonig E80S)



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A few years ago, Puqpress solved one of the cafe’s greatest problems—sore wrists, arms, and shoulders that resulted from tamping repeatedly, incorrectly even. Then the company went on to solve the problem of space, putting an electronic tamper under popular espresso grinders like the Peak and Mythos II, and now, with the release of the M5, the Mahlkönig E80 Supreme (and E80 GBW). The M5 fits seamlessly under the imposing grinder, saving precious room on bar that might otherwise be taken up with a stand-alone Puqpress or a combination of accessories (e.g., tamping mat and tampers). The M5 streamlines the puck preparation process from dose to tamp, which is now achievable, quite impressively, in fewer than 5 seconds (~3s for grinding and ~1.5 for tamping). Despite its low profile, the M5 is chock full of all the benefits expected from a Puqpress: consistent, level tamping, and myriad choices for tamping style (5 programs) and pressure (11-66 lbs.).

Features includes

  • Suitable for Single & Double Basket
  • Super tough frame
  • Unlimited tamps in 2 years warranty.
  • Tamp Profiles (Speedy, Precision, Hulk, Soft, Single)
  • Force Adjustments : Steps in 1kg from 10kg to 30kg
  • Available in Black or White