Pop Rok - Hopper cover for ROK coffee grinder


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We cannot live without Pop Rok if you have ROK manual coffee grinder in your life. Pop Rok helps to keep your coffee bean in check. No bean could escape from its guard while you are grinding. It was designed perfectly to lift up and hold on to its open position while you are loading your bean. Once ready, it will be landed snuggly on the hopper and you are ready to grind.


With Cafune.ca as our project sponsor, we are inspired by their beautiful Azulejo motives with a rich history. We would like to introduce 2 models with Azulejo motives, Manuel and Francisco, apart from the classic Pop Korn design.


Last but not least, the bottom of the lid is designed with grooves that help to dampen the grinding noise.



Pop Rok is created by using one of the latest and also widely used 3D printing technology called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

As for material, Pop Rok is made of Polylactic acid (PLA). The advantages of this material: - Food and Skin Safe - Odorless - Biodegradable



DO NOT expose Pop Rok with a temperature higher than 50° C



ø65mm x H12mm


Any product that required made from FDM or other machines/techniques is sold on a pre-order basis. Once you have placed your order, we will proceed with the printing based on the choice of design and color. Once the order has been printed, we will perform QC inspection and hand finishing if required, then we will proceed with packaging and shipment. Please take note the entire process will take from 5-10 working days, however, we are committed to delivering products with the highest quality in the shortest time frame possible.


Designed and Made in Malaysia