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Introducing the revolutionary Niche Zero grinder! 

No Retained Grind

Current grinders often trap large amounts of coffee in their grind chambers. As we know, ground coffee starts to go stale in a matter of seconds. So the next time you grind, your coffee is being tainted by the old trapped stale grind. With this in mind, the Niche Zero Grinder’s unique grind path has been developed to retain virtually no grind and give you the freshest grind every time. We want to help you get all the flavour from every bean and start drinking simply delicious coffee.

Control the Variables

Baristas spend time every day dialling in their grinder, then repeatedly make the same drinks. This keeps the ground coffee fresh and gives it no time to go stale. Baristas use their skills to control the variables such as the amount of coffee they use. The Niche Zero Grinder has been designed around 63mm conical burrs to consistently deliver a single dose of high quality grind. You can produce the right quantity of fresh grind you need for immediate use by weighing out your beans, knowing you’ll get the same weight in grind. Our aim is to give you the confidence to brew like a barista.

Quiet and Simple

When making coffee, the whole house doesn’t need to know you’re grinding. Thankfully we’ve designed the Niche with an optimal burr speed, giving you the best grind quality at a quiet 72dB, so no more headaches. Coffee grinding also needs to be simple. We’ve incorporated a simple interlocking safety lid with an easy to adjust grind dial to give you a product almost anyone can use. We’ve also added total cord storage in the base to keep your work top tidy and stylish real wooden parts to complete the aesthetics. With the Niche, we aim to give you the most pleasurable coffee experience possible.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

The Niche Zero Grinder has premium 63mm conical burrs,  normally only found in commercial, high end grinders. Combined with the precision stepless grind adjustment, you have complete control over your grind size and its consistency. With virtually no retained grind you can easily change bean type without purging and wasting your beans. Simply move the grind dial to your chosen setting and expertly grind for that brew method, from espresso right through to French press and beyond. We want to give you the freedom to experiment with all coffee types so you can find the brew that’s perfect for you.

Key Features :

  • The Niche Zero Grinder’s body is comprised of sleek aluminium casting and finished off with solid hardwood trim, giving you a look of timeless quality.

  • The Niche Zero Grinder is driven by a powerful DC motor and gearbox, ensuring optimum burr speeds and quiet operation.

  • The Niche Zero Grinder’s professional 63mm conical burrs are infinitely adjustable, offering you a range of grind sizes.

  • The straight grind path goes directly into your stainless steel grind cup. It is perfect for weighing your coffee beans and easily transferring your grind to a portafilter.


Product weight: 5kg

Product box size (mm): 122x211x311


Warranty Details

  1. 1-Year Warranty for manufacturer defects
  2. The warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, any misuse or abuse under normal usage.
  3. All warranty claims must be sent back to BUNA MARKET or Dankoff Coffee Specialist Sdn Bhd, and the buyer is in full responsibility of all shipping charges to and from.
  4. In the case that you have received the product damaged, all claims must be made within 7 days and a complaint must be submitted to us within that period.
  5. For services and breakdowns, users can send the product back to us for repairs but will bear all delivery and courier charges. Upon completion of repair as per Job Sheet, warranty only covers 30 days for the same problem upon returning the unit back to the user.
  6. Any spare parts will be charged separately if the warranty has been expired.