MAZZER T-Tamper 58.3mm



Color: Matt Black
Matt Black
Matt White

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T-Tamper was created to obtain constant extractions,improve coffee quality in the cup and protect barista well-being. The machine automatically distributes, levels and tamps the ground coffee, thereby optimizing both workflow and results. The compact design that extend upwards rather thaan outwards- just 14 cm wide- makes this modular element for which a space can easily be found on the workbench. The T-Tamper is easy to clean and will keep all the coffee into the portafilter even when handling large doses.

*Accurate tamping pressure (+ - 0.5kg, + - 1.1lbs ) by means of a load cell with feedback control.

*Automatic rotating system that distributes and levels the ground coffee in the cup whilst it is being tamped.

*The rotation keeps the tamper clean from coffee.

*Adjustable portafilter holder to guarantee optimum parallelism between the ground coffee and the tamping surface.


1. Power: 100 watt
2. Version: elettronica
3. Weight: 12,5 kg (27.6 lbs)
4,. Compatibility: with all cups, including naked
5. 2 tamping pressure profiles: fast and precise
6. Force adjustment: from 10kg to 35kg with step of 1kg in fast mode and 0.5kg in precise mode
7. Safety systems: inductive, mechanical, magnetic


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