Kenya Uklili Lot AA 22/03 ( Washed Process )

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The Wash Process is known for producing clean and vibrant coffee with pronounced acidity and clarity of flavors. It is a popular processing method in Kenya, particularly for high-quality Arabica coffee. By meticulously applying the Wash Process to the Kenya Uklili Lot AA 22/03 coffee beans, ensure the preservation of the beans' inherent qualities and flavors.

The resulting cup of coffee from the Kenya Uklili Lot AA 22/03 showcases a light roast profile. This roast level brings out the delicate nuances and vibrant acidity of the beans. With flavor notes of blackcurrant, blackberry, and plum, this coffee exhibits a wonderful complexity of flavors and a fruit-forward taste experience.

Process : Wash Process

Varietal : SL28, SL34

Altitude : 1600 masl - 1750 masl 

Roast Level : Light Roast 

Notes : Blackcurrant . Blackberry . Plum

Weight :  100g