HARIO 100th Anniversary Limited Series 珈琲狂時代 The Era of Coffee Craze (Drip Decanter)


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Celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2021, HARIO is reviving some of their top-selling products that drove world's coffee lovers "crazy". 

This is a limited series and this  "珈琲狂時代" (The Era of Coffee Craze) is a lovely 1-cup sized coffee decanter with a sleek spiral wire dripper nicely sits in the HARIO's famous durable heat resistant decanter.   

Feel the quality proven by history, and share the precious experience with baristas in the past and the future.


Size: W105 mm × D 90 mm × H 119 mm Diameter: 88 mm
Capacity:  240ml


Decanter : Heat resistant glass
Dripper: Stainless steel
Band: Silicone rubber
Paper filter: Paper
Measuring spoon: Polypropylene