Driver All New Long-Life 316 Vacuum Sports Bottle 380ml


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Product description: New design stainless steel cover inside and outside, there will be no metal rubbing and harsh sound, strong and durable can keep you and your family away from heavy metals and plasticizers, long lasting insulation of ice, whether it's coffee at work on weekdays or a holiday trip to the sea, medical superstainless steel (18 10 stainless steel), super strong corrosion resistant materials to reassure you, ultra long term insulation structure, thermal insulation is longer than traditional cups, beyond the First Generation, create the perfect proportion, it's easy to wash the mouth of a super large cup, you can also easily put ice into the long lasting ice preservation for more than 24 hours. This product is enclosed with driver cup bottom exclusively anti collision protective rubber cover, effective prevention of bottle body collision loss of insulation effect, sgs pass test, let you and your family use it safely. Product specifications: Name: driver all new 316 vacuum motion bottle 380ml Colour: Stainless steel primary colour Type: Drl 316249 38 Dimension: 7.2 cm x 21.5 cm diameter Material quality: sus 316 Stainless steel、 pp、 food grade heat resistant and mercy resistant washer (Heat resistance 220 ° C) Capacity: 380ml Weight: About 285g


Cleaning and Maintenance 1 . Before the first use of the new product , Please use neutral dishwasher essence and soft brush to clean up before loading the drink . 2 . The body of this bottle is made of 316 stainless steel , So it 's not easy to rust . If salt is available 、 Impure water quality ( containing iron ) , will be prone to spots and water scale ; or long term filling of colored drinks such as tea , also easy to produce tea dirt or colour in the chamber , In the event of the above , Add 10 % vinegar or lemon acetic acid in warm water for about 30 minutes . Use foam cotton or soft brush to clean the tank again , And thoroughly clean it . Do not use cabbage cloth or metal brush 、 organic solvents , Brush the surfaces with force to keep the products beautiful .