DITTING 807 Coffee Grinder



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The 807 shop grinder is the perfect choice for quality-conscious coffee shops and roasters that grind coffee for their customers directly into the coffee bag. Equipped with professional precision grinding technology, this high-capacity grinder provides optimal grinding results even under high workloads. The 807 combines high quality construction with enhanced technical features and modern design for the utmost user-friendliness.


  • Premium quality hardened steel burrs for high and reliable grinding performances

  • Cutting-edge burr geometry for precise grinding

  • Extra-wide range of grind size adjustments from turkish fine up to very coarse (cold brew)

  • Steady ground coffee flow with minimal retention providing an even distribution into the coffee bag

  • High-end bag clamping lever and knocker unit guaranteeing minimal retention on the slide

  • Characteristic anodized aluminum adjustment wheel for convenient and accurate setting

  • Durable high-performance motor with a high average performance of 450 grams per minute

  • Improved heat management with two active fans for a steadily higher performance at significantly lower temperature

  • Acceptably quiet grinding sound for minimal customer impairment

  • Modular construction with easy burr access for quick and convenient maintenance

  • Quickly removable bean hopper and magnetic drip tray for easy and thorough cleaning

  • Compact footprint ensuring the efficient use of valuable working space

  • Elegant shaping and high-class materials reflecting the highly esteemed Ditting standards

Voltage // frequencies // phases:

220-240 V // 50/60 Hz // 1~
110-127 V // 60 Hz // 1~
100 V // 50/60 Hz // 1~

Revolutions per minute: 1400 rpm (50 Hz); 1700 rpm (60 Hz)

Burr diameter: 80 mm

Burr material: Steel


Average grinding capacity*:

450 g/min:
50 Hz: 300 g/min @ 250 µm l 450 g/min @ 700 µm
60 Hz: 360 g/min @ 250 µm l 550 g/min @ 700 µm


Bean hopper capacity: approx. 500 g

Nominal power: 500 W

Dimensions (w x h x d): 216 x 536 x 300 mm

Dimensions of packing (w x h x d): 292 x 685 x 377 mm

Net weight: 17.4 kg

Shipping weight: 18.8 kg

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