CORES C761GY Titanium Filter with Glass Server

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The titanium filter and server are designed to enjoy the fresh aroma of pour over coffee.
The filter is coated with titanium which is believed to be one of the most suitable materials, second to pure gold, for extracting specialty coffee.
The titanium fitler is easy to take care, as it is less likely to discolor and get rusty.

Cores Titanium Cone Filter has vertical-shaped mesh which allows hot water to flow smoothly without clogging up.

It is easy to hold as the server has a large handle. There are 2 dots on the servers, indicating 250ml & 500ml. The narrowest section is still 8 cm wide which make it easy to clean. The server is also large enough to place ice cubes for making iced coffee.

No paper fitler is required thus making it economical & environmental friendly.

Dimension: W17.5 x D13 x H18.5 cm
Weight: 470g
Material: Titanium plated stainless steel, glass

* Due to the nature of metal filters, there will be a small amount of ground coffee in the cup. However, this does not affect the quality of the cup. You may choose not to drink entirely and leave the coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup.