CAFEC Flower Dripper - Plastic



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What is the best dripper for bringing out good flavor of coffee? As the world's first developer of cone-shaped filter paper, CAFEC launched the “Flower Dripper” as the answer to the question after long time study.


The revolutionary idea to make gouges into the inner surface of dripper succeeds in keeping enough air layer between paper and dripper. Thanks to it, coffee powder can expand fully like in a nell dripper. And more, a deep filtering layer is also formed and as much as good taste of coffee can be brought out. What is good for the best taste of coffee brewed by filter paper? This flower form is CAFEC's answer.


The flower dripper keeps deep filtering layer by making water circulation from center to outside. To prevent unpleasant taste from going into coffee liquid, faster and smooth water flow is required. After long time study, CAFEC reached this ideal flower shape at last! Because water does not stay in the dripper, the water volume poured from top and brought out from the bottom can be kept the same. You can enjoy best flavor of coffee without unpleasant taste.



What is Arita Ware?



It is a representative porcelain brand of Japan with about 400 years’ history. High-quality porcelain clay and stone powder are mixed to form an article, and it is fired at very high temperature of 1300°. It is hard like mineral, and its texture is very fine.
Arita ware is the finest Japanese traditional article loved in all over the world.