BEZZERA BZ16 Semi-Pro Espresso Machine (Direct Plumbing/Water Tank)



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BEZZERA BZ16 - Electronic Dosing with Rotary Pump (Direct plumbing or water tank)

This must be the best bet for those looking for a single group commercial espresso machine. Here’s some highlights of Bezzera BZ16:



The Bezzera BZ16 has the fastest start-up time for a 2-litre boiler. Compare this to an E61 heat exchanger system. The required heat-up time is drastically reduced to around 15 to 18 minutes instead of 20 to 30.

Double Pressure Gauge.

Features an important brew gauge and a steam boiler gauge, useful for identifying any anomalies during brewing and readiness of the machine.

2 Litres Copper Boiler

A full 2 litres size, to ensure better back-to-back thermal stability. Copper is a safe material with natural anti-microbial properties to continuously kill 99.9% of bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections, keeping water in the boiler always potable. One of the most conductive metals on earth, making the machine very efficient in starting up and recovering from lost heat. Will never rust like steel, or release lead from brass. It will only oxidise and increase its antimicrobial properties as its ages.

Temperature control.

It’s a heat exchanger heating system and it’s designed to run at a slightly higher temperature at the initiation. Followed by a steady reduction of temperature to strike an equilibrium in a standard 25-30 seconds extraction. This expands and fully blossoms all the characters in the coffee. At the same time, release aromatic notes only found in lower temperatures and reduce the bitterness of coffee.

Drainage and plumbing system.

The Bezzera BZ16 comes with a drainage system pre-installed for the continuous discard of wastewater. The machine can be plumbed in and doesn’t require topping up with water. 

Faster thermal recovery.

As this is not a thermosyphon system, the drop of temperature in the boiler after extensive use will not drop the temperature at the grouphead. The grouphead’s temperature is maintained by individual heating elements. This allows users to repeat shots back to back more rapidly.

Light assist.

The grouphead has LED lights installed so users can see the extraction under low light conditions.