ALESSI Mokapot Design David Chipperfield 1 TAZZA - CUP


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Moka coffee pot has established itself as a generic object. Like a bottle opener, a pair of spectacles, or scissors, it has become a familiar item of the everyday. It has assumed its rightful place in the kitchen and the rituals of daily life. Its character is defined not only by its friendly silhouette, but also by its soft dull grey aluminium materiality and the agreeable grinding noise that accompanies the simple mechanical screwing and unscrewing of its body. How amazing that this complex and well-performing object has become readable and comprehensible, a machine that needs no instruction and no invitation to be part of domestic life. How can one redesign it? Perhaps only by making it more of what it already is. David Chipperfield

Manufacturer: Alessi, ITALY
Designer: David Chipperfield
Material: Aluminium Casting. Handle & Knob in PA, Grey.
Dimensions: 1 TAZZA - CUP 7CM H - 2 1/2oz

Alessi - Bialetti- David Chipperfield from Maura Morales Bergmann on Vimeo.