How Does Split Instalment Work?

- It is as simple as shop as you normally would, complete your purchase with Split at checkout, upon receiving an email from Split key in your personal and payment details, & that's it your purchase is confirmed!

- Every month of the same date as your first purchase date, Split will automatically charge the debit/credit you used for the instalment. 

- You may choose to pay in 2 or 3 months instalment with Split. 


Does a non-Malaysian credit/debit card work for Split Instalment?

- Unfortunately not. Split Instalment is only available for Malaysian and Singaporean debit/credit card holders.


Is there any hidden charges to opt for Split payment gateway?

- There is absolutely no hidden charges when you choose to pay with Split Instalments.


How can I purchase items on Buna Market with Split Instalment?

 - It is as simple as choosing Split upon checkout as payment option.

- Upon receiving an email from Split, fill in your personal and payment details.

- That's it! Once your payment is approved, your order will be processed by vendors immediately.


What is the maximum amount of spending to opt for Split?

 - The maximum amount of spending for Split Instalment will be RM5,000.


What is the maximum duration of Split instalment plan?

- At this moment the maximum duration of the instalment plan is 3 months

- You may also choose to pay instalment for 2 months.


How do I know which item is available for Split Instalment?

 - Any items on Buna Market priced below RM5,000 is available for Split Instalment.

- However, if you are cart purchases is more than this amount Split instalment will not be available.


How do I get refund if I already opted for Split instalment?

- In case of refund, please get in touch with us immediately. We will inform Split to do the refund and stop the instalment plan to your credit/debit card.

- You may drop us an email at [email protected]