9Barista Espresso Machine

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9Barista is beautifully simple. It has no electronics and only one moving part. The machine produces professional quality espresso by using a new, patented technology that sets it apart from all other espresso machines.

Professional espresso

9Barista consistently produces perfect brewing conditions just like the large machines at your local café. The result? Exquisite espresso with a perfect crema. Just be sure you have a good quality grinder designed for espresso and a set of scales with 0.1g resolution.

Inherent reliability

Constructed from solid brass, and with no electronics or moving parts (apart from a spring) 9Barista is engineered to last a lifetime.

Cost & speed

9Barista uses fresh ground coffee, not pods. If you add up the cost, 9Barista will pay for itself within about a year.
9Barista is fast – only 3-6 minutes to make an espresso from cold.

Small & versatile

Small, compact and perfectly formed, 9Barista works on any cooker, from electric hobs including induction (additional induction plate required), to gas or Aga and even on a camping stove!

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Items included with your 9Barista espresso machine

  • 9Barista espresso machine
  • 9Barista tamper
  • Heat transfer plate (for use on most gas cookers, induction plate required for use on induction stoves)
  • Getting started instructions
  • Spare safety ring and boiler o-ring

Items you’ll need

  • A good quality grinder, designed for espresso
  • Scales with a 0.1g resolution


9Barista is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.