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When Maxwell sent me a draft of The Business of Specialty Coffee, I immediately knew it was a winner. Whether you want to get into the coffee business one day or have been in it for many years, there is something in this book for you. The Business of Specialty Coffee is packed with information like no other book on the subject has ever been.

After a short overview to the specialty coffee industry, Maxwell dives into the basics of operating a coffee business, including discussions of margin, risk, scaling, valuation, and access to investment money.

Marketing, market forces, branding, strategy, and coffee ethics each have their own chapters. Maxwell doesn’t leave any stone unturned while educating the reader about every angle of the coffee business.

This is a must-read.

About the author: Maxwell is a three-time UK Barista Champion & three-time world finalist. Maxwell is founder of Colonna Coffee, co-author of Water for Coffee with Christopher H. Hendon, and author of the Coffee Dictionary.