Selecting Coffee Beans

Selecting Coffee Beans


When it comes to selecting coffee beans, fresh is definitely best!

Using freshly ground whole beans rather than pre-ground coffee will give you a more satisfying and flavoursome brew. If you don't already own one, do consider investing in your own coffee grinder to get the best flavour from your favourite blend of beans.

Coffee is a perishable product so the flavour profile changes over time. As coffee starts losing its freshness, bitter and astringent flavours start to appear.  Therefore it is best to buy small quantities, more often.

Determine what kind of coffee you enjoy: mild or full-bodied; floral-tasting or nutty and so on.

If you prefer a stronger brew, you’ll want to go for a full-bodied roast rather than a darker roast. And if you like it even stronger, just use more coffee.

Store coffee beans in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

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