TOUGH COFFEE - Distribution Tool V Blade & 3 Blades (58.5mm)


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Tough Coffee - Distribution Tool V Blade & 3 Blades (58.5mm) - BUNAMARKET

Tough Coffee Official Global Edition

Suitable for all 58mm Basket.

When you're at the start of a busy workday, every ounce of consistency (and coffee!) matters. Add a dose of repeatability to your espresso workflow with the Tough Coffee Distribution tool. The Tough Coffee one sloped blades create a gorgeously groomed puck with a few quick turns of its knurled outer edges, and offers quick adjustment for any 58mm portafilter basket. Designed as a triple threat to improve declumping, leveling and particle distribution in your espresso pucks, the distribution tool will have you pulling perfect bottomless portafilter shots in no time.