TOUGH COFFEE - Cookie Tamper 58.5mm Flat


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Tough Coffee Official Global Edition

Suitable for all 58mm Basket. A tamper is used when brewing espresso, either in a machine or a stovetop espresso maker. This small tool is essential for packing the coffee grounds so you get the best shot of espresso possible. It's not difficult to use, but there is a proper technique and a few styles of tampers to choose from. Tampers are tools used to pack (or "tamp") espresso grounds into the basket of an espresso machine. The purpose of a tamper is to pack the grounds evenly for a quality shot. Essentially, you're taking it from a loose pile of 'dosed' grounds to a tightly compressed cake inside the basket. Tough Coffee Tamper with 58.5mm Flat Surface, adjustable depth, it gives Consistent tamp for every shot.