TOUGH COFFEE - Calibrated Tamper LITE 58.5mm Flat



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Tough Coffee Official Global Edition

Design for Consistency

The design concept of Tough Coffee Calibrated Tamper LITE is the same as Cookie Tamper, it is adjustable depth and able to fixed depth of ground coffee compaction. so as to be consistent.


Idea of the Unique Design

Traditional tamper required experience barista to achieve the consistency of tamping and determine whether the ground coffee is flat and balance. Every barista has different skill and experience, espcially some beginner barista is unable to guarantee that tamping is consistent and balance. Calibrated tamper can achieve these 2 important points at the same time. First, the tamper depth can be adjusted by very simple method, the side of the tamper has a scale marking to adjust the ideal depth. Calibrated Tamper base is connected to the handle part with 2 layer of structure of the slide between the tamper handle and the base to limit it balance.