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This great coffee is from the renowned coffee estate from Tanzania, Ngila Estate. There is a 250-hectare farm planted with 150,000 coffee trees on 100 hectares of land. The farm sits on the edge of the cloud forest of the Northern Highlands next to the famous Ngorongoro Crater and has been RFA and UTZ certified for a decade, the farm owners use traditional methods to fertilize as well as to control pests and diseases, especially focusing on biodiversity.

This medium roasted coffee is complex, gives you sweet citrus upfront with cranberry and a lot of deep sweetness, while giving you some black tea like after taste at the same time. With its complexity, this coffee taste great with filter, while in espresso, the bright fruit acidity cuts through milk wonderfully.


Region Karatu Ngila Estate
Altitude 1,550 - 1,650 MS
Varietal Typica, Bourbon, Kent
Process Washed
Roasting Level Medium 
Taste Note Black Tea

Recommended Brews: Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew, Espresso

*Our coffee beans are roasted on-demand, roast date will be stated. Default roasting sessions on every Monday & Thursday unless otherwise scheduled. Cut-off time: 12P.M.*