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The only latte art pouring jug featuring a comfortable ergonomic heat-resistant handle.


Designed to make it easy for beginners and ultra detailed for the pros.


Warm up your milk without a steam wand or large espresso machine, thanks to the heat resistant handle.

The ergonomic and heat resistant handle allows you to use the jug directly on a stove to warm up your milk. You won't need a steam wand or separate pot for heating the milk at home. This makes the FlowTip Jug the perfect companion for Subminimal NanoFoamer.

*Compatible with all stovetop types. An induction diffuser may be required if the induction stove cannot detect such as a small pot. A diffuser may also be necessary for stability on a gas stove.

INCLUDED - Free mini cleaning brush to help remove any milk residue at the bottom of the jug.

Product Specs:

1. Capacity - 450ml/15oz

2. Ergonomic Handle - The only latte art milk jug on the market with a comfortable moulded handle. Suitable for many grips styles and comfortable all day long.

3. Heat Resistant Handle - The heat resistant handle gives comfort to the barista working with hot jugs all day long but also make this jug uniquely suitable for use on stoves for heating milk.

4. 304 Stainless Steel - Durable, easy to clean, FDA and EU Regulations approved. The black version is teflon coated on the outside.

5. Stovetop Compatible - The heat resistant handle makes this jug uniquely suited for use on a stovetop. Compatible with all stovetop types.

**Note: An induction diffuser may be needed if the stove type cannot detect small pots. A diffuser plate may be needed for stability on some gas stoves. 

6. Smooth Neck - The smooth neck creates a superior even flow of milk when pouring. This helps get the latte art flowing nicely on top of the crema and makes learning latte art much easier.

7. Tangent Spout - The spout edges are tangent to the walls of the jug. This allows for wide elegant ripples when the jug is wiggled side to side.

8. Sharp Tip - Only the very end of the tip is sharp, allowing nice fine details when pouring slowly at the end of a pattern without disturbing the flow of ripples in the early stages of the pour. 

9. Dishwasher Safe 

10. Patented - The FlowTip jug is trademarked and patented.

** The FlowTip Jug is not microwave safe as it is made of stainless steel.