Rwanda Huye Mountain Washed - Filter Roast Coffee 200g

Origin : Rwanda
Region : Maraba
Farm : Huye Mountain
Altitude : 1900 m.a.s.l
Varietal : Bourbon
Process : Washed
Roast Level : Filter Roast - Medium Light
Tasting Notes : Tangerine, Berries, Pear
Weight : 200g

About Huye Mountain Coffee :
Huye Mountain Coffee is carefully handpicked, washed properly, picked after fermentation step, sun dried on dry tables and hand sorted to ensure only the best coffee beans are processed for our customers. We fine tune every step of the process for excellence in every single cup from our plantations to the cup; we take attention to never make bad coffee as potato test, ferment test or any defect in the cup before we send our coffee on market. Huye mountain coffee is from the Maraba region which is one of the rare coffee strains that is recognized internationally as a premium brand.