Paragon Water Filtration Full Set

Classic Fine Foods Sdn Bhd SKU: HNN-238QC-2W + HNN-PF2 + HNN-SR6


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A tank-less water purification system for hot water! We prevent scale formation and even remove chlorine and heavy metals

PF2(pre-filter) Dimensions 72x265mm / Replacement Cycle 6 months / Substances Removed : rust, a large particle and suspended solids / Filter material : Polypropylene / Country of Origin : Republic of Korea

SR6(back filter) Dimensions 83x490mm / Replacement Cycle 6 months / Substances Removed : Chlorine, chloroform, color, turbidity, Hg, Pb, Fe, Cu / Filter material : Carbon Block / Country of Origin : foreign-North America USA / Amount of Effective Water Purification : 34,000L(NSF Certification) / Scale inhibition Enabled Advantages

1. PF2 maximizes the performances of SR6
2. PF2 uses an opaque housing that prevents exposure to direct sunlight, ensuring no chance of bacterial growth.
3. Fresh, refreshing taste that lasts a long time.
Paragon's compressed activated carbon is formed under high temperature and high pressure so that it keeps coffee machines safe and stable even though hot and highly compressed water flows backwards.

Economic Efficiency: it provides high-quality drinks with more refreshing water after removing foreign matters and heavy metals and ensures high satisfaction and increases in sale. in addition, it protects coffee machines by preventing scale formation.