Organic Matcha Powder (60g) from Shizuoka, Japan


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- JAS certified organic matcha produced in Shizuoka, Japan
- 30g x 2 pack in a tin

- Finely grounded - dissolve well even without using a whisk
- Beautiful green color - keeps beautiful green color even for baking or cooking
- Always fresh - packed in smaller quantity, so that it keep organic matcha in fresh & good condition longer. Aluminium pack protect delicate matcha from UV light, odor & moisture
- KOTORI TEA's product are produced using raw material of the best grade, sourced directly from JAS-certified tea producers in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Highly recommended to
- Organic lovers
- Culinary / F&B professionals
- Home bakers
- Tea ceremony practicing

Grown in Makinohara area in Shizuoka, Japan
Tea grown in Makinohara has fine taste due to the clean air, abundant sunshine, and sufficient rainfall. No chemicals are used to enhance the tea plant. Where the plant are grown, plant matter is placed around the bottom of the tea plants to provide the plants with extra nutrients, thus giving more flavor to the tea leaves. 
What makes Makinohara tea stand out from your normal green tea is a special deep steaming process that put more nutrients into the tea & produces a tea with greater flavor. Depp steaming tea leaves extracts umami from the thick leaves. The umami holds the nutrients, and you can taste it when tea leaves are immersed in hot water.

The KOTORI Story
KOTORI means “a little bird” in Japanese. For centuries, the bluebirds are believed to be the harbinger of happiness and good luck. They also symbolize the arrival of spring and all the beautiful things around you. Taking inspiration from this belief, KOTORI TEA hopes to be the little bird that carries joy and good cheer into your lives through our range of premium tea.