Myanmar Shan State


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Espresso Ground
Mokapot Ground
Pourover/Coffeemaker Ground
French Press Ground

The coffee is sourced from Shan State region from Myanmar where most coffee grows at 1,300 - 1,600m above sea level. 

The medium roasted profile preserves the main flavors from its acidity that gives a winey and ripen fruits kind of smooth and deep acidity, while it develops enough for a nutty and aromatic cup as well.


Region Shan State
Altitude 1.300 - 1,600 ms
Varietal Catimor
Process Natural
Roasting Level Medium
Taste Note Winey
  Ripen Fruits


Recommended Brews: Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew.

*Our coffee beans are roasted on-demand, roast date will be stated. Default roasting sessions on every Monday & Thursday unless otherwise scheduled. Cut-off time: 12P.M.*