Merbau Blend

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Whole Beans
Moka Pot
French Press

Roast Level:


The Merbau blend is our flagship espresso blend with a strong focus on sweetness. Expect a mild stone fruit acidity, deep molasses sweetness and a syrupy texture. 


In: 18-20g

Out: 36-38g

Time: 26-28 Seconds 


Our coffees are stable after the 2nd week off roast; taste best 3-4 weeks off roast and are good to use for up to 2 months off roast. As a result you may find the coffee you received to be up to 5 weeks off roast. If you are unsure or worried about the roast freshness; please do get in touch with us via our Instagram or Facebook for info on the roast date before you make your purchase we will be happy to assist!