LEBISTRO Essence (Limited Edition) Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans, El Salvador Picacho SHG, 200 G

Brand                 :  LeBistro Coffee


Origin                 :  Local


Expiry Date         :  Between 6 to 9 months


Certifications       :  Halal Certified


Product Description


*  We are a modern operation set up in 2002 by passionate coffee drinkers.


*  The LeBistro range of coffee covers the needs of drinkers who want a good coffee all the way up to drinkers who want specialty coffee beans, in 5 specific ranges.


*  We guarantee that your purchase is freshly roasted within 2 days upon order because we roast daily for distribution to our commercial customers. 


*  We have a physical store in 4th Floor, 1st Avenue Mall Penang to give the customers a hands-on experience.


*  Description  :  El Salvador Picacho is a “Strictly High Grown” bean cultivated at above 1200 MASL in the southern coffee growing region of the country. It has a round body, gentle bright acidity and floral spicy aroma and a slight citrus flavor.