KINTO Active Tumbler 600ml Black

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Activate your lifestyle

ACTIVE TUMBLER is designed to help you elevate your energy. The straw-type spout is easy to open and comfortable to drink from. The tumbler has a wide opening so it is easy to put in ice cubes and drinks. Vacuum insulated tumbler retains the temperature of cold drinks for a long time, and the elastomer rubber on the bottom reduces impact when placing the tumbler on the floor.

Straw-type spout

Straw-type spout makes it easy to drink while exercising. The edge is rounded so it feels comfortable on the mouth.​ ​

Comfortable drinking

Inside of the lid has a smooth conical shape for easy drinking until the last sip.

Vacuum insulated

Double walled stainless steel tumbler has a vacuum between the inner and outer walls. It keeps drinks cold for 6 hours, below 6°C/43°F.

Clean & fresh

Smooth electro-polished interior helps you maintain the tumbler clean and fresh. Powder coat finish on the outer surface prevents scratches.

Impact resistant

Elastomer rubber on the bottom reduces impact and sound when placing the tumbler on the floor.


φ80 x H220 mm / 600 ml / about 350 g
* Height of main body (without lid) H178 mm

Handling Precautions

[Container] 18-8 stainless steel (powder coating), thermoplastic elastomer [Lid, spout] Polypropylene, silicone rubber / Heat resistant temperature: 100 ℃ / Cooling effect: 6 ° C or less (6 hours) * Cooling effect is room temperature Shows the temperature of water measured at 20 ° C ± 2 ° C after putting cold water into the product and closing the lid when the water temperature reaches 4 ° C ± 1 ° C and 6 hours later. * Put a small amount of cold water in advance before adding beverages and pre-cool for 1-2 minutes to increase the cooling effect. / BPA-free / Made in China ○ This product is a bottle for exclusive use of cold storage ○ It can not be used in microwave oven ○ It can not be used in dishwashing / drying machine ○ Do not place near fire ○ Boiling wash ○ Do not drop or give a strong shock as this may cause damage or water leakage. ○ It may cause accidental ingestion or injury. Do not put hot drinks.Do not put dry ice or carbonated drinks into the container as it may expand and cause damage or injury.Beverages may overflow when closing the lid. Be careful not to put too much in. ○ If the lid is not closed properly, the liquid inside may leak, so make sure that it is securely closed. ○ Use the silicone packing correctly with the up and down orientations in place. ○ Do not drink while walking as it may injure you when falling. ○ To prevent leakage, place the bag vertically in a bag. Please do not shake or violently vibrate as the drink may leak from the tip of the mouth due to changes in internal pressure. ○ Do not leave it in a hot place such as in a car. Do not put in anything. ○ Do not leave the contents inside for a long time as it may cause rust and decay of beverages. ○ To prevent rust on stainless steel, remove dirt and moisture early and remove enough. Dry and store away from contact with other metals. ○ Do not leave in water as it may cause rust or damage. Do not use a cleanser or scrubber ○ Do not forcibly remove the drinking spout ○ Do not use chlorine bleach as it will cause rust ○ If spots like rust adhere to the inside of the container Add lukewarm water and about 10% citric acid, and after 2-3 hours, wash with a soft sponge and rinse thoroughly