Indonesia Flores Manggarai Anaerobic Natural


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Flores Arabica Manggarai coffee is cultivated in the middle of Flores Island, a cool and mountainous area that includes slopes and undulating terrain. Local vegetation includes forest, horticulture and food crops and Arabica coffee plantations. The Manggarai Plateau is located at an altitude of 900-1 500 masl and has cumulative rainfall of 2 000-5 000 mm/yr, ideal conditions for Arabica coffee plants. The dry month in Flores is longer, which affects the coffee ripening process. Soil factors, altitude, rainfall and the ability of people to process coffee properly grant this coffee characteristic not present in other Arabica coffees.

Flores Manggarai Arabica coffee is prepared using a wet-hulling process. Wet coffee processing begins with harvesting the cherries, which must comprise at least 95 % red cherries, at most 5 % yellow cherries and absolutely no green or black cherries. The next stages are pulping, fermenting for 12-36 hrs, washing, drying until the water content is 11-12 % and hulling, leaving the beans ready for temporary storage until they are packaged for export or sold to local exporters / roasters.

Flores Manggarai Arabica coffee (Kopi Arabika Flores Manggarai) is a specialty coffee with a bitter, but not astringent, taste and a herbal, floral and spicy aroma, with medium to high viscosity, acidity varying between ‘high enough’ and ‘high’, and a uniformly high sweetness, according to analysis of its flavour profile.

Origin: Indonesia

Region : Flores Manggarai

Process : Anaerobic Natural

Varietal : Kartika

Roasting Level: Light Medium

Taste Notes : Moscato, Roselle, Cinnamon Sugar

Suitable for Hand Brew

产地: 印尼

产区: Flores Manggarai

生豆处理方式:Anaerobic Natural

品种: Kartika


风味: 气泡酒,洛神花,肉桂砂糖