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Monsooned Malabar is unique to the Malabar Coast of India and benefits from a Geographical Indication status. The legend says, that the British colons brought back coffee to England on wooden vessels during the monsoon months. During the 6-months journey, the coffee beans were exposed to constant humid conditions and underwent characteristic changes in size, texture, look and most importantly in cup profile: unique mellowness which the Europeans particularly appreciate.

After being harvested between October and February, the cherries are naturally processed and stored in well-ventilated warehouses along the Malabar Coast. When monsoon starts in June, the beans are exposed to the rain and winds for a few weeks (between 12 and 16). As they absorb humidity, the beans expand, change colour, and more importantly lose some of their acidity. Undergoing this process, the coffee unveil new aromas and flavors.

This medium dark roasted coffee is perfect for people who enjoy more traditional, less acidic, smooth yet full body coffee. If you are looking for robusta-like coffee that doesn't taste harsh, give this exclusively Indian produced coffee a try.

Region Mangalore, Karnataka
Altitude 1,100 - 1,200 ms
Varietal Kents, S.795, Catimor, Selection 9
Process Monsooned
Roasting Level Medium Dark
Taste Note Dark Chocolate


Recommended Brews: Pour Over, French Press, Mokapot, Espresso


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