Honduras Don Fabio San Francisco Washed - Filter Roast Coffee 200g

Origin : Honduras
Region : Macala, Mogola
Producer : Don Fabio Caballero and Project Origin
Farm : Finca San Francisco
Altitude : 1300 – 1450 m.a.s.l
Varietal : Catuai
Process : Washed
Roast Level : Filter Roast - Medium Light
Tasting Notes : Caramel, Prune, Red Dates
Weight : 200g

About Don Fabio Coffee :
Honduran coffee producer and partner of Project Origin, Don Fabio Caballero has taken first place in the Honduras Cup of Excellence (COE) program for 2018. The COE-winning coffee scored 93.43 points, one of the highest scores ever awarded in the Honduran chapter of the program. His winning farm, San Francisco is located in Marcála and sits at an altitude of 1300-1450masl. Having won several awards in past COE events, Don Fabio has refrained from entering competitions for spent several years, focusing on maintaining his farms and embarking on new projects.
San Francisco is a farm covered with 50 year old plants, that yield low quantities of coffee per tree. Farmer, Don Fabio, likens the cherries to children and the trees to parents who provide the cherries with food from the soil. When there are less cherries it is easier for the tree to provide each cherry with the best possible nutrients. This gives San Francisco its structured acidity and highly refined flavour.