Hario Cold Brew Dripper 600ml


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Product Description

HARIO 600ml Cold Brew Drip Coffee Maker glass

Reusable Ice Cold Brew Coffee Machine household small ice drip coffee

Material: Japan (glass, resin, filter screen, filter paper), China (seal ring), Vietnam (filter base)
Capacity: 600ml
Size: 90mm * 300mm

ICE Drip coffee uses ice water mixture to drip and filter gently for a long time, so that the aroma, sweetness and other small molecular flavor of coffee can be completely retained in coffee, while the acerbity and bitterness of large molecules will not be separated out.

Therefore, the coffee treated with ice drops has a strong, smooth taste and a long lasting aftertaste, and the long-term extraction also makes the solubility of caffeine higher. After the extraction, put it into the refrigerator for more than one day to ferment the coffee liquor. It not only has the fermented aroma, but also makes the taste of coffee softer and easier to taste.