Giffard Puree (FRUIT FOR MIX Series)

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When you need a fruit puree, use only the best. Giffard Fruit for Mix range brings Fruit, Flavour, Texture and Colour for a tasty experience and a vibrant visual.

Versatile application: Soda / Tea / Coffee / Smoothies / Ice Blended / Milkshake / Cocktail

Can also be used in baking, cooking and many more.

- Quality

- Creativity

- Attractivity

- Profitability

High fruit content. 

Packaging in 1 L bottle.

6 different flavours, 

Flavour: Passion Fruit (Fruit Content: 54%)

Appearance: Bright saffron yellow.

Nose: Easily recognizable passion fruit, musky and tart fragrance.

Taste: Typical sour attack of passion fruit, juicy fresh, zingy gourmet pulp of the fruit. Pleasantly sour length with a slightly astringent finish (notes from the seeds).

Flavour: Strawberry (Fruit Content: 56%)

Appearance: Deep alizarin red.

Nose: Fresh crushed strawberry, fruity sweet and fragrant.

Taste: Juicy attack of fine strawberries. Satisfying length on the palate, sweet and sour, very aromatic. Light vegetal note on the finish, enhanced by the presence of achenes.

Flavour: Peach (Fruit Content: 55%)

Appearance: Orpiment yellow.

Nose: Fresh and juicy peach, slightly floral.

Taste: Thirst-quenching attack (peach juice), very light acidity. Satisfying and aromatic length, smooth texture. Light vegetal note of the skin and the stone (green almond) on the finish.

Flavour: Mango (Fruit Content: 59%)

Appearance: Intense yellowy orange

Aroma: Very ripe mango, peppery note of the skin.

Taste: Fruity attack of a ripe mango, but not as heavy as an over-ripe mango. Generous texture of the pulp, deep and dense aroma. The vegetal note (skin and stone) are suggested on the finish.

Flavour: Raspberry (Fruit Content: 57%)

Appearance: Bright magenta red.

Nose: Dessert-like raspberry, honeyed, caramelized, heady scent.

Taste: Biscuit note (scone) nicely balanced with the subtle acidity of a freshly-picked raspberry. Lasting velvety texture with a floral note (honey) on the finish.

Flavour: Banana (Fruit Content: 64%)

Appearance: Velvety champagne yellow.

Aroma: Fresh banana, not over-ripe. Sweet and slightly caramelic scent.

Taste: Caramelized attack of a dessert-like banana, not overly sweet. Melting-soft texture, slightly starched finish (firm banana flesh, phloem) that lasts on the palate.