etzMAX lightW - Espresso Grinder Weight-Based (Low Volume)

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 Low (light Volume ON-DEMAND Espresso Grinder

recommended for (HOME / RESTAURANTS / SHOPS) pulling up to 50 shots / day

  • 3.0-3.4 g /sec (LIGHT-cone, when grinding for Espresso)
  • Burr lifespan: around 700 kg (depending on roast/setting/use)
  • Can be upgraded to higher-capacity-versions (within same type: time- or weight-based)
  • LIGHT-cone suitable for a wide variety of different roasts due to slower intake of beans

Cone burrs

LIGHT-cone (All-Purpose-Espresso)

  • Slower intake of beans
  • Recommended for Single Dosing Use
  • Standard-cone all models

For More information, please check on Youtube link as below: