There's a good bit to unpack here, but let's start with the important stuff: this is a super fun coffee. It's not a screamer, but is is a very sweet coffee with a lot of subtle complexity. The washing station at Hafursa Waro, operated by Tracon has 12 standardized fermentation tanks and more than 160 drying beds. For this lot, Hafursa Waro have employed a technique quite similar to what Central American farms have been calling honey process. Using minimal water for pulping, the coffee is neither washed nor pile fermented, but simply taken directly from the depulper to the drying tables, where workers regularly and actively turn the coffee to ensure it dries evenly. For this reason, they've elected to call the lot "Tej" processed. In Ethiopia, Tej is a very local common sweet and sour libation not unlike mead, created by fermenting honey then ageing and adding herbs and spices. Hafursa Waro is located within the Yirgacheffe district, in Gedeo. There a plenty of coffees from Gedeo labelled Yirgacheffe, it can get a little confusing disambiguating. Part of the reason for this is that Gedeo's cooperative union operates under the name Yirgacheffe (YCFCU) but technically speaking Yirgacheffe Woreda district is just one of many such localised districts within Gedeo.