Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Heidenroslein ( Anaerobic Washed )

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Experience the captivating flavors of Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Heidenroslein, a single origin bean cultivated with meticulous care.

This exceptional coffee undergoes an Anaerobic Washed process, accentuating its distinct characteristics. Grown at high altitudes ranging from 1900 to 2000 masl. With a light roast level, this coffee delivers a delightful bouquet of flavors. Delicate notes of rose intertwine with the sweetness of berries and the subtle tartness of plum. Vibrant hints of orange and juicy peach add complexity to every sip. 


Process : Anaerobic Washed

Varietal :Heirloom

Altitude : 1900 masl - 2000 masl 

Roast Level : Light Roast 

Notes : Rose . Berries . Plum . Orange . Peach

Weight :  150g