Didier Goubet Semillon Grape Juice (250ML)

Classic Fine Foods Sdn Bhd SKU: DID-3727


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Since 2005, Didier GOUBET has been developing varietal grape juices in an artisanal way and on the model of the elaboration of great vintages. Old vines, small yield and gentle pasteurization are the secrets of the richness and aromatic persistence of Didier Goubet juices.

• Pressed immediately after harvest

• No additives/sugar

• Zero alcohol

• 100% organic grape juice

Didier GOUBET grape juices allow people who can’t drink alcohol the option to have a quality wine like drink. Their products are also targeted at people who can’t drink such as allergies, cultural reasons, and even pregnancy.

So, for those who are looking for an alcohol free alternative to Wine and Champagne, look no further than Merlot, Cabernet and Semillon, all available in Still and Sparkling variant.