Costa Rica Tarrazu Aris Red Honey Lot 20/02 250g


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The coffee industry in Costa Rica has two things that can be said to be commendable in specialty coffee. One is the Mircromill Revolution, second is the colorful honey processing. Not long ago, it was about distinguishing white, yellow, orange, gold, red black, etc. For each color honey treatment, which factors are pectin residues, drying time, turning frequently etc. Many companies still hold their own opitions, which is an interesting story in develpment of specialty coffee. 


The naming of the god Arisme is inspired by Greek mythology. Airs is an abbreviation of Aristaeus from the original text. Aristaeus is the son of Apollo, Sun of God. In Greek mythology, he is famous of beekeeping and honey making. In Greece, people think that honey is not the secretion of flowers, but the flower dew bestowed by flowers. The ancient Greek philospher Aristotle also wrote about beekeeping in his book "Zoology", in which he wrote that honey collected by bees is not the secretion of flowers, but the necter bestowed by flowers. It really couldn't be more apt that we name this Costa Rican Honey as Arisme.


The 20/02 batch of raw beans is full of emerald green, covered with reddish-brown silver skin, and you can feel the characteristics and aroma of its strong honey treatment in the appearance of the raw beans. The flavour in the cup is full of molasses flavor and full mouthfeel.


Region : West Valley

Processing : Red Honey

Altitide : 1,650masl 

Variety : Catuai, Villa Sarchi 

Flavours : Honey, Tea-like, Pear, Citrus

Roast Level : Medium 

- Suitable for Filter maker







Whole Bean : Full Beans without grind

Ground (Fine) : Moka Pot, Espresso (please inform us) 

Ground (Medium) : V60 Filter, aeropress, Chemax, Drip Coffee

Ground (Coarse) : French Press / Cold Brew



Roasting is our passion, we promise our roasted beans are all freshly roasted. 

Coffee consumption for espresso roast profiles is recommended to rest the coffee for a minimum of 10 days before you consume and espresso roast will be good to be served within 2 months for better quality. 

As for filter coffee, the best period of time will take 7 - 30 days. 

Additionally, the expired date of our very own roasted coffee can hold up to 12 months. 



Coffee has four enemies : Heat, Light, Air and Moisture. 

Storing coffee in conditions that expose it to these elements will allow for the coffee to lose its flavour rapidly. Coffee should be stored in an airtight container. 

We suggest either a glass, metal or ceramic, coffee should not be stored in the freezer as coffee beans are porous and will absorb unwanted flavours from your freezer.