CORES C820 Porcelain Canister (Made in Japan)

User friendly & Japanese aesthetic inspired canister

Since a coffee canister is used everyday, it is important to be easy to use, functional as well as having a good shape and texture. The canister are carefully made by a long established manufacture in one of the traditional producing region of ceramic products called "Tajimi".

They make high quality coffee canisters with a great attention to detail. 

Product Size: 112 x 110 x 165 mm
Product Weight: ~ 666 g
Material: porcelain, silicone
Heat resistant temperature: 250C
Country of Origin: Japan (Gifu / Mino-yaki)

This product is microwave / dishwasher safe. Make sure that the lid is fitted with the silicone seal. The color of each may vary slightly, due to the characteristic of the paint. It is possible to bleach to remove any coffee stain. Do not use on a direct heat source or oven. Do not wash with a polishing agent, scrubbing brush or cleanser. This product could be damaged if hit against any hard object or dropped. Please handle with care. If there is any damage, stop using it immediately to avoid any injury. Always keep the canister on the flat surface as it is not designed to be sealed completely tight. Do not hold the lid to carry the canister. The body may be detached from the lid and break.