CORES C811 KIKI Mug (Made in Japan)

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It is all about bringing the best aroma

KIKI Mugs are created with a meticulous design process, all for you to fully enjoy the distinctive aroma and flavors of specialty coffee.

They have a unique shape, like a wine glass with a gentle texture. As you lips touch the edge of the cup, it is as if you are embraced by the rich aroma & flavors.

Three traditional colors of Mino-yaki are available

There are various kinds of Mino-yaki products, with 15 styles certified as Traditional Craft. The four colors from the traditional styles are called “Oribe”,”Shino”,”Kizeto”, and “Setoguro”. They are arranged to suit modern designs. Three of them are all available for purchase.


  • Oribe (Green): Oribe style was produced mainly in Mino between Momoyama and Genwa period. This style was named after Oribe Furuta, who was a tea master from Mino as this was his favorite style. The most famous design is “Ao-oribe” with its innovative shapes and patterns. Other designs include Kuro-oribe, Aka-oribe, and Namuri-oribe.

  • Kizeto (Yellow): Kizeto literally means ‘yellow pottery from Seto’ and was produced between the Muromachi and Momoyama periods. While the pale yellow color gives a soft and peaceful impression, some products have carvings, decorations, or brown/green spots.

  • Setoguro (Black): Setoguro style is said to have been Sen no Rikyu’s favourite. Cups are drawn out of the oven while the glaze is still melting to be cooled down quickly in order to create the black finish.

Product Size: 107 x 112 x 87 mm

Product Weight: ~ 322 g
Capacity: 320 ml
Material: porcelain
Country of Origin: Japan (Gifu / Mino-yaki)

This product is microwave / dishwasher safe. The color of each may vary slightly, due to the characteristic of the paint. It is possible to bleach to remove any coffee stain. Do not use on a direct heat source or oven. Do not wash with a polishing agent, scrubbing brush or cleanser. This product could be damaged if hit against any hard object or dropped. Please handle with care. If there is any damage, stop using it immediately to avoid any injury.