CORES C750 Gold Cone Filter & Server

Enjoy the aroma of your pour over coffee.

The Cores Gold Cone Filter and Server are designed to enjoy the fresh aroma of pour over coffee.
The unique beautiful shape also makes this glass beverage server perfect for an object to be proudly displayed.

It's perfect for enjoying specialty coffee. The filter has vertical-shape mesh which allows hot water to flow smoothly without clogging up. This allows full flavor and aroma of coffee to be extracted.

The round shape of the server encourages the steam and aroma to be captured for complete coffee experience.

It is easy to hold the filter and the server has a large handle. There are 2 dots on the server, indicating 250 ml & 500 ml.

Dimension: 18.5 x 14.5 x 19 cm
Weight: 400 g
Material: Gold plated stainless steel / glass
Heat resistant temperature difference: 120 C for the server
Capacity: 500 ml
Cups: 2 - 4cups
Country of Origin: China

* The glass server is microwave / dishwasher proof. The gold filter is NOT microwave proof. When using for the first time, wash the filter with dishwashing detergent. The gold filter and server could be damaged if hit against any hard object. Please handle with care. Do not put any sharp object inside as it could cause damage to the product. Be careful with hot water and steam when extracting coffee. The filter and server will be hot during / immediately after extraction. Do not use on a direct heat source. Stop using the glass server if there is a crack, chip or heavy scratch. Avoid washing the server with cold water immediately after it was used as significant temperature difference could break the product. Children are not to use this product without adult supervision. Please do not use this product around an infant and keep out of their reach. 
Wash with a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent after use. Please do not use alcohol, benzene, paint thinner, polishing powder, bleach or a scrubbing brush as they could damage the filter.