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24k Gold plated cone shape filter for specialty coffee brewing

It is designed to achieve fast extraction using high water temperature to extract good quality acidity.

C275 Gold Cone Filter comes with rasied flat bed at the tip of cone filter, so that it prevent coffee ground stuck at the tip and add on bitterness to your cup.

Mesh dimension is even, not easy to be deformed due and no chemical change occurs due to the material used. Therefore, it is little affected to the taste and flavors of coffee. And more, thanks to its unique longitudinal slot, the filter can provide a short brewing time at a very high temperature.

In a normal cone shaped filter, water flow tends to be gathered at the base of the filter. In order to prevent over extraction, the base of our Cores Gold Cone Filter is raised so the water flows outwards, and does not gather in the central lower area. Thanks to this raised bed, strong bitterness does not come into the coffee liquid.

It also comes with a multi-purpose tray which can be used as filter stand and filter lid.

C275 Gold Cone Filter can be used with its own brewing stand (C501 Pour Over Stand), or can be placed and brew with cone shaped brewer such as Chemex 6-cups, Hario V60, instead of using paper filter. You can compare the difference of flavor between paper and Cores gold filter and choose the brew style depending on your feeling on the day!

Product size: 145 x 130 x 110 mm
Product weight: 100 g
Material: 24k gold plated stainless steel
Max dosage: 64 g
Country of Origin: China

* Keep the filter and lid away from hotplates, hobs or burners. Do not put any sharp object in the filter. Pay attention not to touch any hot steam and hot water directly when pouring hot water over coffee. Pay attention not to touch the filter and lid during / right after pouring over coffee. Do not use the filter and lid for any purpose other than pouring over coffee. Before using for the fist time, wash the filter and lid with a soft sponge using a mild detergent. Do not use alcohol, benzene, thinner, harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or solvents, bleaching agents or scourers. In case the dripping speed of the coffee becomes slower, soak the filter in warm water with a mid detergent for a few hours, then wash the filter using a soft sponge and water.